Day/Night Newborn Specialist Education, guidance and support for new parents on all areas of newborn care and development. Establishing routines and strategies to provide continuity and stability within the family.


The birth of a child is a special time for a family. It can also be a demanding time for parents, particularly in the months leading up to and following the birth. Sleep is a basic physiological need required for physical recovery, reinvigoration, body growth, brain maturation, learning and memory. It is a learned skill, some of us require, more assistance with sleep than others. ‘How do we teach good sleep habits?’ There is an abundance of literature available on getting babies to sleep but all parents really need is a general understanding of how sleep works biologically through various ages, the difference between naps and night time sleep, why wake times are crucial to the balance of the day. The importance of successful feeding routine in promoting early transition to self settling sleep.

A newborn specialist will assist and educate you, together talking about your particular issues, whether it be

  • colic -crying periods, frequent unsettled periods
  • reflux, silent or projectile vomiting
  • self settling
  • Naps
  • Swaddling and help establish an individualised plan.
  • Consistency in the implementation of a routine is the key.

Parents turn to sleep training because they and their babies need more sleep, and they recognise that sleep deprivation can take a serious toll on their families health.


Whether you are breast or bottle feeding gaining knowledge with positioning, attachment, timing, burping techniques, quantity and understanding your babies feeding needs and cues, and the importance of increasing the time gap between feeds as apposed to allowing your child to snack are all areas a newborn specialist can assist you with.

Bottle feeding Assist with -preparation/sterilisation

  • Quantity – the amount required over 24hrs based on their weight
  • feeding position – importance of changing arms
  • tummy time
  • teat size
  • Winding/ burping techniques Breast feeding – Positioning
    • Attachment, latching on
    • Breast refusal
    • Expressing
    • Comp feeding both breast and formula
    • Timing – length of feeds
    • Burping techniques


Massage is a basic nurturing instinct in which we all use in varying quanities as our power of touch in everyday circumstances without even realising it. It is a newborns first sense of communication, that unspoken word that ensures they are safe, secure and loved. Baby massage benefits include:

  • Reduces crying time
  • Speeds brain and nervous system development -helps tone muscles and aids growth
  • Improves sleep and regulates sleep patterns
  • Ideal for pre-term infants
  • Enhances emotions and improves mood
  • Improves wind, colic, reflux and constipation
  • Relieves sinus and chest congestion
  • Boosts immune system
  • Reduces stress hormone levels in children and their parents – -remember dads can also get involved


Spending quality time 1:1 interaction with your newborn is a priceless and rewarding experience. Eye contact, talking or singing to your newborn is the first ‘play’. Play is so important in developing not only gross motor skills, but communication, turn taking – social language and cognitive development. Eye contact is an important element of child bonding and the development of trust between parent and child. Twinkle twinkle row row your boat peek-a-boo


‘Bringing sleep schools to your home’

The role of a newborn specialist or night nanny is to take care off all your newborn needs and help transition them into the home, whilst educating and supporting parents. Home consultations are in the child s environment, implementing an individualised sleep plan is more successful then taking everyone out of the home environment. Trouble shooting potential issues of concern and offering professional options to resolve them. Parents find the time allows them to fully understand the strategies and practise the techniques with the support extremely comforting.

Consultation $150

2 hr discussion about your concerns and ways in which we can implement strategies and work towards a desired outcome. In the comfort of your home, preferably over feeding time. Individualised plan and follow up 2 weeks later

Night routine 5pm-midnight $250

Allows the newborn specialist to see the bedtime routine and alter where necessary the strategies, supporting you through the implementation process. Sometimes having the support and guidance during this time, helps with consistency of techniques in a less stressful way.

Overnight 9pm-6am $400

Taking care of your newborns needs overnight, while you get a much needed sleep. Sleep is so important for the physical and mental health of parents, making decisions is a lot easier and less stressful when you are well rested.