• Kelly looked after both our girls from week 3 onwards. She is totally amazing, understands babies really well - they seem to have this secret language, and is extremely caring. Kelly is not just an ordinary night nanny, she helps train babies to sleep through the night. Both my girls have been sleeping soundly from a very young age (at 10 and 12 weeks!!) Thank you very much k Kelly!

    Hawthorn East Vic
  • "Being a first time parent and suffering from Post natal, i will forever be grateful having Kelly as part of our family from the birth of our twins. I call her a twin specialist but she is so much more. She created a nourishing environment for our newborn boys to thrive and blossom through her confidence, vast experience and dedication. She wasn't just there for our babies but for the family with her advice and encouragement. Most importantly she had important goals. She was always generous with her knowledge and ability ensuring that when the time came for us to take the reins back in parenting, they were handed over with grace and ease."

    Glen iris Vic
  • I will never forget the first day Kelly walked in, picked W up placed him in her lap and proceeded with the consultation at the kitchen table. To my astonishment after a short time he was asleep in her arms, something that had never happened before. Kelly is strong, confident, relaxed and very knowledgable, with an amazing rapport with babies. She guided me through feeding techniques and self settling strategies and we never looked back.

    Traralgon Vic
  • "I highly recommend having Kelly in your family to assist in navigating through the newborn period, which can be overwhelming. She truly has an uncanny ability to know just what is best for your baby". The baby whisperer, and now apart of our family.

    Kew Vic


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